Music Sites
New 1/9/14Amazon.commusic new and used
4/20/15Amoeba.commusic cds
*Barnes & Noble.com Music Store
7/14/21BandMix.comSeeking musicians
4/20/15ebay.commusic cds
New 11/28/01Liquidatation.com.
2001Musician's Friendmusic equipment
2001music notes.comFind your favorite sheet music, music books, and more
4/20/15oldies.commusic cds and records
4/20/15Prex.commusic cds
4/20/15Target.commusic cds
11/12/15YouTube.comYour favorite videos for music and more

1/19/16Mp3juices.ccFree music downloads
12/9/15Tunein.comfree and premium Internet radio with free downloadible app.

Rock music artist sites
1/14/1638Special.comoffical site store, tour, media
1/14/16BonJovi.comOffical site for the band bon jovi
1/14/16DefLeppard.comOffical site for the band Def Leppard
1/14/16DidoMusic.comOffical site for dido albums and more
1/14/16Fleetwoodmac.comoffical site shop,tour
1/14/16GunsnRoses.comOffical site
1/14/16Madonna.comOffical site album info and tour info
1/19/16Matchboxtwenty.comnews,media,community and store offical site
1/19/16Meatloaf.netshows, store,tour offical site
1/19/16Nickleback.comoffical site music,store,fan club and more
1/14/16Ozzy.comoffical ozzy osbourne with videos,photos,tour,music
1/19/16PoisonWeb.comOffical site for poison the group. news,tour, media, photo, band,store,videos on homepage
1/14/16Speedwagon.comReo Speedwagon offical site. tour,video,music
1/19/16TheBangles.comoffical site store, history, contact

Country music artist sites
1/14/16DollyParton.comoffical site tons of information on here music and videos and more
1/19/16SherylCrow.comoffical site photos,store,videos and more.

1/9/19 The Whisnants.comOne of the great southern gospel groups. They sing songs like "Is anything to hard for God" and they have samples to listen to before you buy

music affiliates
1/24/19The Music Stand

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